Karen Reports: Finds Update

Karen Reports: Finds Update

Karen Gavin (our most recent recruit) and site assistant brings us an update on the progress of DB2:

So the digging is all done, the finds have been washed, sorted, bagged and labelled. The backfilling has been finished, and for all intents and purposes you wouldn’t know that we had been excavating at the Courthouse (or in our test pits) at all. So what happens now?

Well today finds me in a warm, dry, rather comfortable office working through the artefacts putting the information onto a database. There are a number of reasons why we do this, which all basically revolve around interpretation and analysis of the site as a whole. It also makes it easy to compare the results with other excavations, in this case predominantly the test pitting that we completed around Bromborough in 2013. Rather than having to work our way through boxes of artefacts to find out how many fragments of clay tobacco pipe we found at both sites, all it takes is a couple of clicks and the information is there (24 fragments from the test pits and 76 from the Courthouse  in case you were desperate to know!).

Lots of sorted finds getting databased

Lots of sorted finds getting databased

On a personal note it is always nice to revisit the finds as they are added to the database. Does anyone remember the rather large horse shoe or the copper alloy badge from Price’s Candle Factory recovered from trench 2?

The Price's Candle Factory badge

The Price’s Candle Factory badge after a little clean with a dry brush

Well I had the chance to take a look at them again today before they are sent off for further analysis. Eventually, they will be packed up and archived securely, so that they will be accessible for further research should they be needed.

Compiling a database is never the most exciting aspect of excavation, although for me not quite a necessary evil either. Working my way through the bags of artefacts brings back rather pleasant memories of an exceptionally warm and pleasant autumn spent digging away in a little oasis in Bromborough. So all-in-all it’s not such a bad way to be spending a rather grey and dismal Tuesday in January.

Karen hard at work also in close proximity to tea on tap

Karen hard at work also in close proximity to tea on tap

 Quick Update

Jo here: thanks to Karen’s sterling efforts and the hard work of the many volunteers who helped us out at our Bromborough office, we are now in a position to send some of our more interesting collections (e.g. the glass, pottery and clay pipe) for further expert analysis. We will let you know what we find out as the reports come back to us over the next few months.

Some of the finds packed-up and ready for delivery

Some of the finds packed-up and ready for delivery

3 thoughts on “Karen Reports: Finds Update

  1. Oh do! Loved to find out if anything was there. Even if not, it was a fun learning experience. Am now doing a futurelearn course on the Archaeology of Portus and have been involved with looking into archives for the dig at Calderstones. Infectious, isn’t it. 🙂

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